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NZ, 紐西蘭

由 Harjit Sidhu 先生於 1999 年創立, 目標是使公司各個層面也可持續和全面地發展。 他對天然食品的熱愛引領他進入了寵物食品這行業,因為我們寵物的健康和幸福和我們自己的一樣重要。

從採購到生產、最終產品和客戶,我們的重點是採取綠色的生產過程和提供環保的消費品。 我們秉持以人為本的態度,我們與眾不同的道德規範使我們在充滿貪婪企業的世界中擁有茁壯成長的能力。

從1999年1月開始到目前為止Zeal® 在紐西蘭製造不含疫苗、抗生素、色素、調味料等的純天然寵物食品, 確保寵物能夠獲得最好的營養,讓他們保持快樂和健康。

The Natural Pet Treat Company® was founded in 1999 by Harjit Sidhu, with the vision to provide a sustainable and holistic business approach in every aspect of the company. His love of natural foods led him to the pet food industry, as what goes into our pets is just as important for us as it is to their health and well-being. From procurement through to production, the final product and our customers, our focus is about providing environmentally friendly consumer and production cycles. We have a people first attitude which means that our ethics and ability to thrive in a world of corporate greed sets us apart. Our products are made from premium all natural ingredients. They are wholesome, trustworthy and traceable to source, with absolutely NO fillers, preservatives, additives, colouring or flavouring added. Feeding your furry family with complete & balanced nutrition from the Zeal® natural pet food range will ensure they get the best nutrition to keep them happy and healthy. For product details, please go to the official website.