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Since 1999

About Us

Our company started just before the turn of the new Millenium.

Our Vision

From our name, you might have guessed that we are in the eco-friendly business. Yes, we are eco-minded. But the "ECO" in our name not only refers to being eco-friendly, it also means that we strive to provide our customers with Evolving Consumer Options. The world is evolving; people's needs are evolving; technology is evolving; so are our available options. We choose products that are the most suitable and reasonably affordable for your needs during a particular period of time.

ECO Exchange that is.


2000年,本公司開展在本港的寵物食用品批發業務。 宗旨理念 本公司是首家引入Greenies的批發商,至今產品依然深受愛戴。 之後本公司繼續進口各種優質產品以滿足顧客需求。